How to smoke the extracts created by your BHO extractor

Ok, so you made it through the extraction process and feel as if you have become an expert at using your closed loop butane extractor.  You were able to create several different types of concentrates or dabs.  You have oil, wax, and shatter.


You chose to do this because your friend told you that the final product was considered the crack of the marijuana industry and contained up to 90% more THC, so you will get higher on less product.  .The truth of the matter is that for the most part, the cannabis flower contains about 15% THC. In comparison, one gram of the product created by using your BHO extractor contains between 75% and 85% THC. Therefore, the extracts you make are equal to about five times the same amount of flower. In addition, you can make joint per gram of cannabis or you can get between 20 and 30 dabs per gram of wax or oil.

What your friend failed to mention to you was that you could blow yourself up. It’s all good though because the person who sold you the butane extractor was quite explicit on how to prevent it that as well as other accidents.  Another thing your friend did not tell you, was what to do with the product after you produced it.  While you could try and sell it, you would prefer to at least sample it beforehand.


There are a number of different ways in which you can smoke the extracts you produced.  These include the most popular way, which is to use a Dab Nail.   In order to do this, you get a special nail made of titanium, quartz or ceramic and heat them up to an extreme temperature with a blow torch.


Another option is to use an e-nail which uses electricity and can be heated to a precise temperature.  Regardless of which one you use, when it is hot enough, take a small amount of your product and place it on a dab tool.  Then, touch the dab tool to the surface of the nail.  This vaporizes the shatter or budder while you inhale.


You can also use a nectar collector.  While it works really well, you look kind of like a hummingbird while using it. In addition, there are a myriad of glass pipes made for oils as well. Another popular option is known as a green screen.  That is when you pack a bowl of flower, and then place the dab on top. Therefore, when you first light it, the shatter or budder melts and coats the flower.  This makes the product last much longer, and also allows more people to be able to enjoy and share a dab that way.


One recommendation is to wait at least 10 minutes in between dabs, especially if it is a new experience for you.  This way you can determine how it feels and while you cannot overdose, per say, taking in too much too fast can result in some unpleasant side effects.


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