How to Buy BHO Extractors from the Right Company

bho extractorsPeople swear by the effects of butane hash oil, or BHO. In areas in the country where cannabis is legal, this mode of ingesting it has grown in popularity, which means that if you are looking to get in the cannabis market, you will need to be able to offer this options to your clients. To do this, you need one very important piece of equipment: the butane extractor. These are expensive and come in many different sizes. Lots of companies claim to make the best ones, but how can you be sure from whom to buy one? We have some ideas that can make your search for a butane extractor easier.

  • Reputation: This is probably the first thing you should consider. Is the company you are planning on buying the extractor from reliable? Most companies these days have websites, so it is very easy to read up on them. Look for reviews online. You can expect to find some negative reviews, of course, but if the majority of them are negative, it is time to look for another company.
  • Ask Friends: If you have friends who use BHO extractors, ask them for their recommendations. This can be a very easy way to get the equipment you need without worry. What would be even better is to see that friend using the extractor, since this can give you a good sense if the equipment is right for your needs.
  • Price: This is always something to consider. Butane extractors are expensive. You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a quality one, so be sure that you have a budget for this. Research on what the average prices are. If you are offered an extractor for a lot less money than most of the other companies ask for, then this should be a warning sign. The same thing applies if the extractor is much more expensive than you expected.
  • Options: What kind of options does the company offer? Do they have closed loop extractors? You want as much variety as possible since this can make certain that you find the piece of equipment that best suits your needs. Also consider whether the company sells the pumps and vacuum oven that you will need to use the extractor. It can be very helpful if they sell everything, since you will not have to worry about searching out another company for the rest of the purchases.

Because butane extractors are expensive and because they are dangerous to use, you want to get quality ones. This can only happen if you buy from a company that is well known in the business and that has a positive reputation. Ask for recommendations from friends and other people you trust and be sure to always read up on the reviews online to get an honest idea of what to expect. If you specifically want a closed loop extractor, then you need to check that the company you are considering has the kind that you want before you commit to buying anything.